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6 Powerful Ways to Increase Social Media Traffic That Converts

Calender Icon Jan 10 2023

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The world of social media consists of more than 4.2 billion active users (+13.2% vs 2020 ) and apparently, the primary source for generating eCommerce traffic. According to Kantar, 87 % of e-commerce shoppers trust social media to help them make a shopping decision. When compared to traditional media and various other sources that drive traffic to websites, social media channels gain more business visitors by converting them into leads. (Source: HootSuite, 2021)

With more companies integrating social media in their marketing strategy, it remains as one of the top efficient ways to communicate with your target audience. Social media engages and builds relationships with your potential customers and transforms them into brand loyalists without burdening you with acquisition costs that aren’t sustainable. The trend of communal content creation through social media channels will guide your business to foster creativity and participation which aids to build communities and digital brand moments.

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The above stats make a good case to be active on social networks and by implementing the right social media approaches combined with a solid content strategy you can drive reliable traffic to your site. Remember that your content conveys everything about your brand and a mismatch between them on social media and your websites risks visitors feeling lost and leaving. Your posts, blogs, case studies, infographics etc., make the social sharing aspect more extraordinary and goes above and beyond in brand building and recognition.

If you are new to social media for business, you might assume that you’re only left with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest are other options that are worth looking into. They allow you to share visual content,  engage with a dedicated community and create a multimedia diary to support your main website.

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Here are our top six relevant and persuasive strategies that will boost web traffic to your site from social media in a distinctive way. Ectesso, the best CRO agency in India, have tried and tested these strategies, and with our effective conversion rate optimization services, we can improve conversions by 30% in 90 days and get better ROI for our existing clients. 

1. Develop a Content Schedule

Consistent flow of content leading to higher audience engagement rates and help to establish your brand as experts in your industry.  Posting regularly on your social media offering them relevant educational and entertaining content is the key to always being on your audience’s radar. Monitor other brands and your competitors for their post frequency and define yours to increase social media engagement. Different social media channels have different posting frequencies and depend on your target audience, region/time zone,  days in a week, content, hashtags, etc. The goal of the social media schedule is to help you get more clicks. But you do not want to post in big clumps and appear spamming. 

Develop A Content Schedule - Ectesso

CoSchedule analysed the best times to post on social media networks. Here’s what they found: for Facebook, the minimum of one post day, Twitter, the posting frequency is 15 tweets a day and for Instagram, the minimum posting frequency is 1-2 posts a week.

You don’t need to utilise all social media channels but rather should focus on the social media platform that makes the most sense for your line of business. Keep in mind that they need to be updated and posted regularly in order to be successful and generate traffic to your website.

2. Share Visual Content

In 2021, 80% of marketers will use visual assets in their social media marketing. Video (63%) has surpassed blogging (60%) as a social media marketing asset. 11% more B2C marketers than B2B marketers mark visual content as top priority content today. (Source: Social Media Examiner)

Visuals get much more engagement and better recall rates. Posts on Facebook with images have 230% more engagement than those without images, while tweets that have embedded images get 150% more retweets. (Source: Buffer,2021)

Share Visual Content - Ectesso

Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text and  people remember 65% of what they see visually after three days. Stock photos and videos are the brand killers. When you use stock images that have been used by many others before, you dilute your authenticity and brand image. 

Visuals such as images, videos, infographics or memes come in an appealing, engaging format to entice people to visit your website, know your brand better, or buy your product or service. Create visuals that speak volumes about your niche products and your brand and share it with your target audience. Use vibrant colours and tell stories about services and products with authentic HD photos to obtain better social media visibility. 

3. Social Shares As Social Proof

Sharing content through social media acts as social proof and positively influences people to get interested in things others are interested in. To make sharing easier and encourage your visitors, social sharing buttons are a must in your site. 

Social Shares As Social Proof - Ectesso

These channels connect people who value each other’s opinions and once they see content being shared by their trusted ones think the content is worthy of reading and sharing. When other people also see that the social share numbers are high, they’ll think that  it to be something worth checking out.

These insights from the share buttons helps you identify your most popular content and the social media platform that contributes most to the website’s popularity. 

Try placing social media buttons on different locations to find out which placement promotes the most activity. You may not find success blinding copying a competitor. Lastly, don’t distract by covering it up text or overpowering the screen and make sure that those social media buttons look great on mobile.

4. Promote Your Content In Social Media

Social media traffic campaigns can attract high-quality leads that converts to followers, subscribers, customers or whatever your goals might be.  Creating highly targeted ads helps you generate those leads with justifiable acquisition costs compared to other PPC campaigns.

Your social media ads can target existing customers or a buyer persona considering basic demographics  such as age, gender and location, interests, buying behaviour or a special trait such as entertainment of choice, health habits and much more.

Promote Your Content In Social Media - Ectesso

Audience targeting lets you spend wisely and reach the right people with the right message.  Retargeting audiences who have invested time into your brand can increase click-through by 400% and revenues by 200%.  For eg. If you have a high-quality contact list,  Facebook helps you find more people like them with a look-alike audience.

A study by Pivot Conference found that  83% of customers on social networks seek deals and promotions. But you should strike a balance between sharing good quality relevant content and mixing it up with deals and promotional campaigns. 

It is possible to drive new sales through social media, but the thing to bear in mind is that you can’t run campaigns forever by only sharing deals. In essence you will be training your followers only to buy when there’s a deal which is not a sustainable strategy for any business. 

5. Content that Appeal and Inspires Influencers

Influencers have taken the world by storm and are creating a  significant impact in digital marketing. 

The key to building this strategy is to first research the right influencer in your niche and then find out the content that they are sharing. Find out what these high powered vloggers or bloggers are discussing and highlight the problem they care about. For eg. you can create an infographic about the topic which can lead to mentions and shares on several authority sites. Here’s the truth, if you want influencers to share your content without a paid promotion, you need to write content that appeals directly to that group.

Content That Appeals & Inspires Influencers - Ectesso

Paid promotion with the right influencer to endorse your brand and products, can offer fantastic return on your ad investment and reach in limited time as well. Being the top performing way to promote your products and content on social media, more and more brands have started recognising the value of building meaningful relationships through influencers. They are here to stay and influencer marketing is bound to become an essential marketing strategy across industries in the future.

Once you get all those traffic on your website Ectesso’s conversion rate optimization services help you generate improvement in your conversions rate. Being the best CRO agency in India we use highly effective conversion optimization strategies and techniques that help in converting website visitors into actual leads or customers.

6. Build Your Brand Community

Social media should not be just a broadcast channel where you constantly pitch yourself. Get active and use it to actually interact with your fans and target audience . Join relevant and active community groups where you have high chances of reaching your target audience. You can find people with similar interests share your content and identify the ones with inclination towards your products. Note down what interests, personalities, and characteristics, and your target market is composed of. For instance, if you are a retailer of fitness products, your target audience should be youth and may be sportsperson in particular. 

Got a Twitter account? Then join group discussions with hashtags relevant to your business. Answering all your customer comments and questions on social media increases your brand visibility and in turn your brand loyalty. These engagement strategies on various social media channels can help you potentially drive traffic to your site. Also an opportunity to become an influencer and promote your  business and products .

Build Your Brand Community - Ectesso

With people seeking digital-first social experiences in 2021, brands should look into building communities that allow you to connect with your customers first and then other professionals in similar industries. Engaging genuinely  in the social media communities with educational information and insightful content will entice people to visit  your website.

Do you want to convert your Social media traffic into sales? Through our conversion rate optimization services, Ectesso – best CRO agency in India,  have helped top brands to convert their traffic into sales. Let us help you too. 


Now that you’re armed with these social media strategies, don’t wait to implement them to your website. For an improved outcome, you need to optimise them and monitor your results regularly. Social media analytics will guide you to measure and understand your visitor metrics like, user behaviour, returning users, customer optimization rate, ROI, sentiments, etc. (Conversion rate optimization services can work wonders as well.)

Some of these social media strategies may be easier and some might require a financial investment. Combining and incorporating them into your existing social media strategy undoubtedly can generate valuable social media traffic. Keep in mind that social media marketing as a process requires a lot of effort, time, hard work and some experimentation. Once you hit on the formula with your unique audience, you’ll start to see growth in your social media presence, more web traffic, more leads and  more sales as a result of your consistent efforts. Who doesn’t you want to convert their traffic into sales right?

If you are yet to build a social media presence filling out your profiles, sharing content that resonates with your brand values will be a great start to acquire your first few followers. If you’ve already started and have a small social media following, you should use tactics such as  on-site buttons and social sweepstakes to expand your audience while improving your engagement. If your business has a fairly large amount of followers already, you can still enhance your social profiles with the above mentioned strategies, with your main focus on  frequent posts that boosts audience engagement and links to your website’s content.

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With streamlined social media profiles for your business, watch the traffic flow through to your website. Once your website traffic has started to increase, it’s time to consider ways to boost your conversions. To learn more about CRO (conversion rate optimization services) strategies contact your CRO experts in India here

Let Ectesso, leading conversion rate optimization agency in India offering effective CRO services help get you started on the road to online marketing success.