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We are the leading social media agency in Kochi that drives impactful business growth through social media services. Whether you are looking to drive targeted leads with social media advertising or enhance your brand’s presence with social media marketing, Ectesso’s social media management services can help you hit your goals with high-quality content and consistent branding.

Capture the Power of Social Media With Us - Ectesso
Capture the Power of Social Media - Ectesso
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Discover more about Ectesso’s social media offerings. We work with you to increase your brand’s visibility, as well as your online following, leads, and sales.

How Often Does Your Business Post On Social Media - Ectesso

Your dedicated social media specialist at Ectesso creates 10 and more posts (depending on your plan) for your social media accounts every month. The post will only go live after your team’s approval. Our original posts will let you engage with your current subscribers and earn new followers.

We use custom images that draw the attention of users on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more for your social media posts. Your dedicated social media specialist, along with the best graphic designers, creates images that increase engagement, communicate vital information and build your business’s visual identity.

A personalized cover photo and profile photo design send positive trust signals and improve brand awareness. Your dedicated social media specialist will optimize these professional images for social media so that they truly deliver your marketing messages and represent your brand. Your profile and cover picture should be memorable, optimized, and powerful as they form your first impression of your brand.

If your company’s new to the social media world, your dedicated social media specialist will create and set up social media accounts on social media platforms that are relevant for your business. Your company will have full ownership of these accounts. We ensure that we start our social media marketing strategy with completely optimized social media accounts.

Your dedicated social media account manager conducts an in-depth social media account audit before creating and launching a smart social media strategy for your business. An audit will depict how well your past posts were performing, what should be changed, and your priorities for more user engagements and help develop a competitive and custom strategy for your business.

Your dedicated social media specialist scans your social media for both positive and negative comments or posts about your company. They will provide recommendations strongly emphasizing customers’ positive experience and building an impressive reputation for your brand to promote growth.

After audience research and focusing on your company’s branding goals, your social media specialist develops your custom social media ad campaigns. Boosted posts exponentially increase the number of people that see your content and gain more exposure to your brand.

Why do you need to partner with a
Social Media Agency?

With new social media platforms being created all the time and new features being introduced on the existing ones, the world of social media is getting more and more complex every year.

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Work with industry's experts - Ectesso

Work with industry's experts.

With the help of an experienced social media service provider like Ectesso, your company will get immediate access to some of the most talented social media specialists in the industry. Being a full-service CRO agency in Kochi, we can create everything you need to succeed in-house with our dedicated design, development and content marketing teams.

Overseeing your social media management on your own often comes with a learning curve.

Optimize your in-house resources - Ectesso

Optimize your in-house resources

Whether you’re promoting your business – advertising or marketing, you will need to strike a balance and make the most of your budget. A reputed and respected provider of social media management services in Kochi, like Ectesso, can help your company gain an impressive return on investment (ROI) from social media and save a significant share of your budget.

Effective Time Management - Ectesso

Effective Time Management

For businesses to manage their social media strategies in-house, they have to hire a full-time member for the task. It is not a practical or reasonable use of company funds for many businesses. That is the reason why most internal marketing teams invest their resources into expert social media management agencies in Kochi like Ectesso.

With our social media optimization services, you can receive access to experts in social media marketing who are proficient in marketing on specific social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter., or LinkedIn.

Improved Return on Investment - Ectesso

Improved Return on Investment

As a performance-driven social media marketing agency in Kochi, Ectesso, we focus on the results and success of our clients. We deliver top-notch social media campaigns that achieve your company’s goal with the support of our expertise, tools, and strategy.

We know which posts work best on different social media platforms and what is the best time to gain better engagement and create personalized content for your business.

Partner with Ectesso, the top Social Media Marketing Company in Kerala

Partner with Ectesso, the top Social Media Marketing Company in Kerala if you’ve been looking for the “best social media agency near me,” look no further than Ectesso.

If you’re a business that doesn’t currently have a social media presence, or you’re not satisfied with your current agency, experienced social media specialists at Ectesso are here to help. We help you create and manage your social media marketing and advertising efforts to improve brand awareness, interact with your target audience, and sell more products.

If you’re looking to see the benefits of Ectesso social media management services, reach out to our team by calling at +91 9037 139 519 today!

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Ectesso integrate the latest and greatest digital trends to achieve business goals and create a perfect recipe for your successful digital campaign. Our online marketing expertise span over several niches delivering exceptional results for our clients. Get in touch with our team today to experience what makes Ectesso, the top digital marketing agency in Kerala, stand apart from other digital agencies.

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