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Online advertising is a competitive space that demands a smart strategy for your business success. As one of the best pay-per-click (PPC) advertising companies, Ectesso can provide your business with effective strategies that generate impressive sales, maintain a low cost-per-click (CPC) and generate a higher ROI. You’ll see a dramatic increase in leads and sales in no time.

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Best-in-class PPC Management Services in Kochi

Ectesso is a full-service digital marketing company that gives you 360-degree end to end digital marketing services. We are best at Pay per Click Ads creation and takes every detail into consideration, allowing you to maximize your campaign effectiveness. As the best Google Ads agency in Kochi, we offer custom strategies for all types of businesses that match their goals. Ectesso’s experienced PPC team takes full responsibility to provide you with the winning PPC campaign.

For all campaigns managed by Ectesso, you’ll get the latest in advertising technology to help hyper-target your accurate market. We hone our paid campaigns with text ad and banner remarketing to encourage previous visitors to convert and utilize customer match and audience match to reach your target audience and more.

The quality of work, the expert level of campaign optimization, the way to convert a visitor into a customer, and the way we communicate, is highly appreciated by our clients. Some of our PPC advertising services are better suited for your business than others, so consult us for more information.

Best-in-class PPC Management Services in Kochi - Ectesso
PPC Advertising Services for More Leads

When you choose Ectesso as your PPC management services partner in Kochi, you receive turnkey solutions to develop, optimize, and improve your PPC strategy. Plus, you get to partner with a best digital marketing company in Kochi that brings over 50 years of combined experience in digital marketing and pay-per-click ad campaigns management.

Being the most flexible and scalable option, we build PPC campaigns with the sole objective of driving quality leads for you. Here is a snapshot of the services that are included in Ectesso’s PPC services

  • Customized PPC strategy
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Ad campaign copywriting
  • Ad copy performance testing
  • Banner ad design
  • Website conversion analysis
  • Landing page performance testing
  • Google analytics integration
  • Phone calls tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Bing PPC Networks
  • Geotargeting
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Social Media PPC Advertising
  • Constant monitoring

Top Benefits of Paid Advertising (Pay-Per-Click Campaigns)

When you choose a traditional form of advertising, for, e.g. on a billboard, in a newspaper, or on television, you pay for the space that your ad occupies. Many forms of traditional marketing like a four-inch square in a newspaper or a magazine will set you back a considerable amount, with costs upwards from thousands of rupees.

In paid advertising, PPC, your ads will appear on search engines like Google or Bing instead of in a newspaper or a magazine. This is one of the best benefits of pay per click advertising.

Why? Because instead of paying for a space in a newspaper, you are paying for your space in search engines, but you pay it only when someone clicks on it.

PPC management cost is extremely reasonable as you pay when there is a serious potential for making a sale. Your ad appears on search engines when people are in need and search for your service or product. You only pay when that visitor clicks your ad, providing a chance for conversion, thereby purchasing your product.

With many other types of advertising, no matter how many people see it or contact you, you pay the same amount for your ad spot.

According to recent statistics, PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors who arrive on your site through SEO (search engine optimization) (Source: Ahref,2020).

One of the major benefits of PPC is that you are fully in control of your budget, as you can define your maximum spend in advance.

That’s just benefit number one of this digital marketing strategy.

In this digital world, there is no faster way to be in front of customers at the right time when they are ready to buy than paid search engine advertising. Your ad will show up as soon as you bid for the keyword with a great quality score.

While developing good organic visibility can take time, your PPC campaign will deliver fantastic results in weeks. As soon as your PPC campaign goes live, you will see increased traffic to your site and more conversions.

SEO or email marketing takes time to reap the benefits you are waiting for. If you want to make a quicker impact on your website traffic or sales, these long term strategies might not be the right for you.

PPC is the strategy for you if you’re looking for delivering faster results in a short amount of time. You just have to audit your campaign and optimize it effectively based on the data you receive on your PPC campaigns.

Monitoring your paid campaigns gives you the opportunity to correct, optimize and direct them quickly. When a specific campaign is not performing, you can use the data you gathered to decide whether you need to reinvest or call it quits to focus on something new.

With the availability of efficient tracking mechanisms for paid campaigns, you can come to understand what elements are working and what are falling. The data you come to avail will help you discover where the very best results lie.

There’s no guesswork when running a PPC campaign as the data automatically gets tracked via Google Analytics. You can easily shift, refocus, and adjust by tracking your campaign results.

You can use A/B testing to your benefit, where you experiment and compare variations of your campaign. It can be two identical ads, except for a variable such as a headline, ad text, landing page, call-to-action, or button. A/B testing is a great way to find out how your customers interact with your ads as you can learn which ad is performing better and fine-tune it to get as many clicks as possible.

These data-driven insights can help you track the success of your ads in terms of clicks and conversions, leading to increased sales volume for your business. Thus tracking your results is the most important part of your marketing endeavours.

PPC efficiently supports your marketing tactics and efforts to reach your most qualified customers to drive more revenue. As your ads let you target the right audience with the right content, PPC is considered one of the most highly-targeted digital marketing strategies available.

These are a few ways how paid ads campaigns target your audience and benefit your marketing campaign:

  1. Brand visibility: By running paid search advertisements, you get to target and be seen by your right customers. Your ads are served based on the user’s gender, location, age, the device they are on etc. (demographic audience targeting). Even if they back off, the visibility that your ad provides pays dividends to your marketing.
  2. Interest Category Marketing: This is one of the most effective ways to target your audience. That’s because it allows advertisers to drive consideration among people that have been searching for services and products you offer. Also known as “in-market targeting”, your ads are shown to user’s who are “in-market” and are interested in what you sell or that have previously bought something from your website. A PPC campaign helps you reach “in-market audiences” that are actively browsing or researching the types of products you sell or services you offer at the right time.
  3. Remarketing: A remarketing campaign is an incredible way to improve your paid search strategy as it is extremely effective in driving sales. With a remarketing campaign, you re-serve your ads to those specific users who have clicked on your ads before and get another chance to convince a potential buyer to make a purchase, visit your store or even make the call. Since you can potentially show your ads at multiple places, remarketing gives you another opportunity and a better chance at conversion.
  4. Marketing Intelligence: When you target specific keywords within the content of your ad, it allows your ad to show to users who search that key term. With conversion tracking and analytics data, we can determine the keywords that convert. You can change your keyword based on different seasons or holidays to target a specific demographic or search intent. This data-driven intelligence is quite beneficial for your SEO efforts as well as other marketing activities.
  5. Custom intent audiences: This helps you target people currently researching specific topics, products, and solutions on the web and who are most likely to purchase on your website. You get to choose words, phrases, and keywords that can possibly reach users as they are about to make a buying decision. Essentially, you can fine-tune your targeting when you add YouTube content URLs or your website URLs.
  6. SKAGs: A single keyword ad group (SKAG) is one of the fastest ways to improve your click-through rates, increase your quality scores, and most importantly, better conversion rates that results in better ROI. With SKAGs, you create hyper-targeted ads for your products or services and make your campaigns more manageable. This aggressive paid ad strategy lets your business develop ad copy tailored to your audience’s specific problem and desired solution.

Search engines provide the best traffic as people are searching for the problem you solve, which means the users are already interested in your products and services. Search engines want to show ads to their users to help them take action as well.
With PPC ad campaigns, you make it easy for your customers to purchase as your ad will appear when they search for it (pull traffic) and because after a user clicks on your ad, they are directed to a specific landing page.

A landing page accomplishes this by enticing visitors to proceed to the next step in the buying process. It includes messages on the page that are specifically designed for advertising campaigns without excess navigation links.

The information presented on a landing page is very relevant to make sure that visitors are not overloaded with unnecessary information that might distract them from making a purchase. If they are the right audience, there is a high likelihood that users will take action by filling out call-to-action forms, clicking buy now or calling your office.

Landing pages are an essential piece of a PPC ad campaign because they create the perfect opportunity for a potential customer to buy your products or services. They are responsible for improved ad performance and contribute to your business’s bottom line.

Among the many advantages of PPC advertising, generating more revenue, sales, and leads resonate best with business owners.

Effective PPC marketing and sales funnel can boost your revenue due to the increased traffic to your website. When compared to SEO, PPC, aka paid advertising, can fetch your business a huge revenue increase quickly with the combination of these three key features.

You are positioning your business to gain more conversions by positioning yourself with the help of paid ad campaigns on search engines. Once you win a bid for your ad and it goes live, it can be shown to users who look for the keyword you choose to target.

As long as your PPC ads appear at the top of the search results page and you deliver great products or services, PPC advertising is more likely to drive more traffic to your website and drive conversions.

In fact, on average, 65 % of all clicks made by users with high commercial intent – i.e., who intend to make a purchase go to paid ads. While 41% of clicks on search engines account for the top three paid ads. (Source: Wordstream) That means nearly 50% of the clicks made on the first page of results go to paid ads.

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The introduction of the government’s Digital India initiative has led to an exponential growth in internet and online infrastructure in India. Increasing rates of internet penetration along with a number of businesses shifting their operations on the web, online shopping has experienced a similar boost in past years, so did the level of competition. With an effective strategy like pay-per-click advertising, you get an opportunity to reach a broad demographic of potential clients. Although you can learn how to start a PPC ad campaign on your own, only with a significant level of expertise and technical know-how on the entire process can you guarantee success in Google ads or Bing ads. A PPC Agency in Kochi like Ectesso consists of a group of well-trained and certified digital marketing specialists who are pros in creating, testing and managing winning PPC campaigns on numerous digital marketing platforms.

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Ectesso integrate the latest and greatest digital trends to achieve business goals and create a perfect recipe for your successful digital campaign. Our online marketing expertise span over several niches delivering exceptional results for our clients. Get in touch with our team today to experience what makes Ectesso, the top digital marketing agency in Kerala, stand apart from other digital agencies.

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