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At Ectesso, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. We believe that your logo should tell your story. It should inspire trust. It should stand for the level of quality that your customers can expect from your brand.

We have helped many businesses create visual identities that develop positive brand images to strengthen their brand. Along with specialized copywriters, we can help you define your tone of voice and build consistent positioning in your industry.

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Let our custom logo design services set your brand
apart from your competitors.

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Let Your Logo Speak For
Your Brand

We design logos to evoke a sense of connection between your brand and consumers and grow your corporate identity. We know that the right logo will say everything without saying a word and should act as a symbol of your success and commitment.
Our professional logo designers pick the right colours and themes to create the final design. However, our logo designing services will benefit you in several other ways.

We make your customers familiar with your brand by creating the best design. With animations and other visual elements, we draw the interest of your potential customers and convince them to learn more about your business. It is true that you have a few seconds to generate a first impression. We never let you miss that opportunity. Our design services will strengthen your ability to grow your business.

Fostering brand loyalty helps in earning returning clientele. You may have taken every step to deliver quality products and services to your customers.

However, our logo develops this loyalty by generating a sense of interest.

As we can create a consistent design, your potential customers will easily become familiar with it. It will result in the development of brand loyalty.

The biggest goal of your business is to win more sales with effective marketing techniques.

A small design has the potential to promote your brand on different platforms. You can display this advertising material on your website, social media pages, and other platforms where you like to draw clients.

Ectesso, the best logo designers in Kochi, will synchronize your logo with your unique business ideology. That is why we identify your brand’s colour palette before designing the logo. It helps maintain consistency in your branding campaign.

Our logo designer picks colours and styles that evoke your potential customer’s emotions. Once you tell us about the type of logo design you prefer, we will ensure that your branding is successful.

Stability and professionalism are major attributes of a reliable company. Our professional designers let you win the potential clients’ trust with stunning logo design services.

Besides, our design will make your target audience feel that you have paid attention to every detail, including your product quality.

A company without a logo appears to be shady and unprofessional. So, hire our logo designers in Kochi and develop a sense of trustworthiness in your consumers.

Tell us your requirements to buy our service. Make a seamless design of your brand logo and keep your target audience interested.

Impressing Clients with 100%
Customized Logos

Abstract Logo Icon

Abstract Logo

An abstract logo can trigger creativity in your audience’s minds. However, it works only for a few niches.

Emblem Logo Icon

Emblem Logo

The emblem logo is a blend of attraction and memory. Grand brands that promote ancient culture desire this logo.

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Wordmark Logo

A wordmark logo has been a popular choice for several brands. As the audience likes to memorize the brand name, let us represent your brand with a high-quality wordmark logo.

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2D/3D Logo

A 2D/3D Logo is eye-catching, engaging, and easily compatible with varied media sites. Showcase your brand name with an attractive 2D/3D logo.

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Mascot Logo

Brands that have fun-loving values can choose a mascot logo. We can craft the design with animals, robots, cartoons, and other characters.

Ectesso's Logo Designing

We take a scientific and precise approach to designing a logo. Our company never uses free logo makers and templates to work towards a design.
Several small businesses and startups think of using these free options to save on costs. However, it does not usually result in a unique logo design.
Our team focuses on different details to craft a logo design that lets you stand out in the competitive world. We go through systematic steps to create a logo that proves our work quality.

Assessing Your Brand Icon

Assessing Your Brand

The first step for our logo designing project is to understand your business goals. We need the right information to create a logo design that develops your brand identity.

To dig deeper, our logo designers will ask you a few questions-

  1. Why do you need a logo design? What issues are you trying to solve with it?
  2. What values and beliefs have higher importance for your brand?
  3. What is the USP of your company? How is it different from other businesses?
  4. What type of brand voice do you like to convey to your clients? Formal versus eloquent, slang versus jokey.
  5. What adjectives describe your brand best?

Our team may also ask you about the best attributes that you desire in your logo. This set of questions enables us to visualize the design to be created by us.

Researching The Relevant Industry Icon

Researching The Relevant Industry

Every business is associated with a particular market where several companies are competing with each other. Without meticulous research on your competitors’ logos and industry trends, we cannot provide the best output.

By analyzing these details, we try to find answers to some questions:

  1. Which logo designing technique is best for your industry?
  2. What shape and brand colour will be perfect for your brand?
  3. What type of customer does your business serve?

While developing your branding strategy, you can connect with our logo designer. Our professional designer will collaborate with your in-house team to develop a strong brand identity.

Identifying The Place Where You Like To Use Your Logo Icon

Identifying The Place Where You Like To Use Your Logo

Our clients typically only think of placing the logo on the website. However, due to your omnichannel marketing approach, you may need to display the logo on your banners, product packages, mobile apps, social media profiles, company letterheads, brochures, business cards, and emails.

So, we try to visualize how the image will appear on these marketing media. Our team presents you with an adaptable logo design for your social media management.

Sketching Out Different Logo Concepts Icon

Sketching Out Different Logo Concepts

Being the best logo designers in Kochi, our professionals try out multiple design options for you. We apply our creativity to make designs that match your brand. You may also tell us your idea for a unique logo.

Our professional designer will turn your thoughts into a reality.

Refining The Logo & Delivering The Design Icon

Refining The Logo & Delivering The Design

Our logo designers will work on the design approved by you. With continuous refinements, we turn out a logo that is best for your brand.

Our trusted professionals have worked with several companies from different niches. So, we are a highly reliable organization that can design an effective and unique logo.

Custom Logo Design
Company Kochi

Our logo design company does not simply craft a graphic design for your brand. We understand that this design should be effective in representing your brand visually.
Our logo designers in India aim to provide a memorable, versatile, and succinct logo for your business.

Every time we design a logo, it has the following common features:

Custom Logo Design Company Kochi - Ectesso
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Our logo never creates confusion in your potential customer. We make the logo easily perceivable to the viewer. She can easily connect it with your brand and understand your brand’s unique identity.
So, call us and let our designers come up with the most engaging yet uncomplicated design for the logo.


Relevant Feature Icon


Relevancy is the most important factor for our logo designers. Without a relevant logo, this small symbol can never produce a lasting impression.
We understand that it is the foundation of your brand identity. Our designer designs a logo that is appropriate to your business niche and your brand.


Scalable Feature Icon


The marketing team of your company may need to show your logo online and offline as one of the marketing materials to develop your business’s distinct identity.So, we can help you create a highly scalable logo for your branding campaign. You can increase and decrease the size of the logo design.
However, it will never affect its potential to convey a message. A well-designed logo does not lose its captivating power regardless of the platform where you have used it.


Memorable Feature Icon


Our logo design firm always tries to make something that is easy to recall. Although creating a brand identity is the primary goal of a logo designing project, we never overlook this factor.
Your target audience on your website and other platforms can easily recall your brand after viewing its logo once.


Distinct Feature Icon


We do not start our project without thorough research on logo designs created by your competitors. It enables us to create a discrete logo that is most suitable for your brand. This visual element will make your marketing campaign successful.
Almost all businesses try to find their way in the saturated marketplace. So, without a distinctive logo, no company can reach its goals.


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Let Ectesso’s logo designers make your brand immortal. Our designs will increase your brand appeal and engage your audiences to develop a comprehensive brand identity for your business.
Contact our team for multiple quotes for our logo design and branding services.

Let’s begin with a sample logo to showcase our creativity! And let’s start a conversation on why many clients trust us to grow their business.

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