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How To Choose The Best CRO Agency In India For Your Business

Calender Icon Dec 29 2022

When your visitor performs a desired action on your website – buy your product, fill a contact form or sign up for your newsletter – after they land, it positively influences your business growth and revenue. This is why Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) has become an integral part of our digital marketing landscape. CRO strategies are the driving forces that help to achieve maximum ROI for your digital asset – Your Website.


Finding the right agency that boosts those conversions and customises your customer experiences is the most crucial step towards building an effective CRO program. In fact, we at Ectesso believe that choosing an agency that is passionate, knowledgeable and resourceful as ours will help you fully capitalise on your brand’s unique value proposition and be a contributing factor in the success of your digital strategy.

Before we find out how to choose the best CRO agency in India for your business, let’s look at why hiring one could play such a significant role in your success.

Why do you need a CRO Agency?

You have succeeded in acquiring a steady stream of visitors. But if you struggle to persuade them to take action, now it is the time to get an agency involved.

First monitor to ensure that revenue-tracking in Google Analytics is not misconfigured and is tracking events effectively. Then gather data to determine your site’s conversion rate. If you have a strong traffic of 1000 daily visitors but 10 conversions, your conversion rate is 1%. You need to work on your conversions,if you run an eCommerce website with conversion rates below 2-3%.

Outsourcing CRO to an agency or considering building an in-house optimisation team comes down to the question of time and money. While it is a long-term financial commitment to have an in-house team, a tryst with a CRO agency can deliver you swift results that help you decide whether it makes sense to build one.

CRO requires time, patience, consistent efforts, ongoing resources and  goes far beyond a single test. It is up to you to figure out which option is best given your limited bandwidth and budgetary constraints.

The slow rate of testing in-house contributes to the top reasons why companies outsource to CRO agencies. An experienced conversion rate optimisation services provider can get up running campaigns more quickly and make them run faster, when a bare-bones growth program takes several months to establish and run at full speed.

As the best CRO agency in India, we usually find businesses with large budgets for testing and want to get faster results selecting outsourcing over building in-house teams.

If you think hiring a CRO agency is the right choice for your business, here’s how to choose  the right agency.

4 Steps to choose the right CRO agency for your business

steps to choose

The First Step: Questions to Yourself

Before delving to find the best CRO services for your business, consider asking yourself a few questions like.

  • Which area of your business troubles needs to be addressed first?
  • What can you do to acquire more high quality traffic traffic (paid or organic)?
  • What do your current customers suggest for improved performance?
  • Have you identified the most and least revenue generating activity?

When you are specific and honest with your answers, it can guide you to identify the right CRO Agency that’s going to achieve results for your business in the future.

The Second Step: Questions for your future CRO Agency

Here are some basic questions to start with while vetting for conversion optimization services can be –


  • Who have you worked for in the past?

  • Do they have clients in the same industry like yours?
  • Will these experiences suit well to your business?

  • What are the levels of service they offer? Strategy only/full service.
  • What is their pricing model? You can further the question by asking how do they charge?. For eg. do they charge per test or depending on the traffic level etc.
  • How much involvement are they referring to ? How much can they collaborate with your team?


  • How would they prioritise the list tests to be run on your website?
  • What are the criteria that are used to decide the duration of a test?
  • How do they go about if you would like to run a test based on an interesting idea?
  • What are the first few steps you take to optimise a site to increase traffic and conversion rate?
  • What are CRO tools they employ for different types of optimisation?
  • What do you consider as your biggest test win and failure?
  • How do you measure conversion success?
  • What is your project management process?

With the right questions like these you can pinpoint the agency that fits your business perfectly.

The Third Step: Qualities to look for in a CRO Agency

Let’s start by looking at the top characteristics any reputable CRO should possess:

  • Strong technical knowledge and expertise

Using complex technology to deliver desired results requires a great deal of advanced technical know-how and years of experience in the conversion rate optimization world. With so many conversion rate optimization agencies, remember that there will always be one who considers themselves as optimization experts and makes promises without first demonstrating their process or using proven techniques.

If a CRO agency can’t explain their process, the rationale behind the tests they are proposing or the logic supporting their previous successful tests, it may be time to look elsewhere. An experienced CRO agency in India such as Ectesso can outline our specific testing process that will deliver desired results.

You can further judge their authenticity by paying close attention to what question they are asking you. Before bombarding you with ideas and trial tests your prospective CRO agency should invest their time in understanding your business goals, USP’s, current website traffic and performance, your customer base, your current marketing efforts  and most importantly your ability to service the expected growth.

With these valuable information in hand they should make sure that you are chasing the highest value opportunities throughout the testing process.

  • The Results they’ve Driven


While knowing how to test and optimise a website is important, it is vital to understand the broader ecosystem of the business and the strategy behind traffic generation. A reputable CRO team like ours, will draw on their extensive proficiency in marketing, technical development and testing to tailor their work and make fairly effective changes to your website.

With your research, figure out the breadth of their knowledge, aspects  they specialise in and their experience in delivering results for other brands. Ask them to back up their claims with customer testimonials,  case studies, and a few references. A confident conversion optimization agency will be happy to share this information with potential clients.

Conversions being a results-based metric, in order to commit yourself to a conversion rate optimisation service provider, it’s crucial that you know their track record.

  • An honest and transparent communication process

Along with strong technical know-how and years of experience it is equally important that the agency is open and honest all times about project management process and timelines. They should be realistic with their promises about what will be able to do for your business.

Changes of plan and business tactics are inevitable while running a business and your prospective agency should be accessible to you with data reports and timely updates. Above all they should help you understand what is happening anytime you have a question or a doubt.

With every test they run, an agency should be open about the results regardless of its failures. They should also be  driven to learn non-stop  and discover new and more profitable paths for your business.

Consider CRO experts who have been in the business like Ectesso’s, the more campaigns they’ve run, the more knowledge and experience they’ve been able to pick up from past campaigns.

  • Budget and Pricing

It is practically impossible to associate long-term with a CRO agency if you can’t afford them. Find out their pricing and see you can pay 3 months of services upfront. Do not budget to pay off their services from the profits they promise to earn for you.

Determine what your budget is beforehand and it will allow you strike off the agencies that are too expensive for you right now.

Investing in a good CRO agency can be extremely profitable for your business but don’t expect  them to magically solve everything to double your profits from the start.

With any number of CRO agencies out there, getting sidetracked with lofty claims from unqualified agencies will cost you sales and precious time. It may even get your site penalised and buried in search results and ultimately damage your reputation.

The Fourth Step: How to proceed further?

Even after you’ve found a CRO agency that ticks all of the check boxes, there are a few things you need to be aware of if you want to get the highest ROI.

4th step



Adaptability is the key to any successful CRO strategy, which can range from small tweaks to larger on-site modifications and adjustments. Therefore it is crucial to possess an open mindset. Your current website may be designed as per your test and when CRO experts come with their recommendations  with proven results don’t hold onto your old habits. Remember, there is a reason why you hired them in the first place.


From time to time, conversion rate optimization can be a slow burn process.But it is always worth the wait as the best results come from working side by side with your agency gaining scientific data and constantly reflecting, learning to make informed decisions and improving your website.

Every split, multivariate and A/B test you perform equips you to  know more about your customers and provide them a better experience. It is possible for anyone to suggest random website changes, but the strongest CRO agencies will carefully review the results of every test and learn  to make data driven confident tweaks.

Remember the best CRO agencies are the ones that incorporate processes with flexibility, curiosity with perseverance and data with wise iteration.

Once chosen your CRO should be capable of make statistically-backed decisions about your website’s design, get real insight into site pain points and strengths, enhance contact form completions, improve online orders and scheduling appointments, minimise abandoned shopping cart rates, advance website-generated revenue and step up  site design for optimum conversion rates as well as conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

With online businesses growing more and more competitive each year, CRO should not be looked at as a luxury rather a necessity. Working with a conversion rate optimisation services provider could be the right choice for your business right now if you want to drive results fast in these challenging times. As a matter of fact CRO should hold the central piece of every sound business strategy.

Bear in mind that hiring a CRO agency is not for every business and it is not an easy task to find the perfect CRO agency for you. Understand the potential ROI for your business before you consider to outsource. Later when checking out, ask them tough questions – about client referrals , costs, processes, testing frameworks, structures, and more.

While finalising the right conversion rate optimisation services for your business,  look for CRO agencies like Ectesso who have a team full of CRO specialists who are the best in the industry, and have experience working with a wide range of industries. By following the above guidelines and taking the right approach, your business will be well on the road to ongoing growth and success.

Start converting more customers today!

If you are interested in learning more about Ectesso’s conversion rate optimization services and how we can maximise your profitability, please feel free to get in touch with our CRO experts today.

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